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Japan: Tsunami Assessment Update

Japan: Tsunami Assessment

| By AHV

Japan Tsunami Assessment

On March 11 one of the largest earthquakes in recorded history shook the north coast of Japan, resulting in a tsunami that swept as far as 10km inland. Thousands of buildings have been affected, and the death toll is estimated at over 10,000.

We’ve been closely monitoring the situation and have had dialog with several of our international partner organizations. Based on this information we have decided to send a team to assess the needs on the ground and determine our ability to address them.

Marc Young and David Campbell, currently in Miami, will arrive in Tokyo on Monday, 14 March. They will be followed by Stefanie Chang and Jess Van Ness who are currently in Haiti.

Follow our progress on Twitter @AllHands, and stay tuned to hands.org for more information as it becomes available.

We’ve created a Japan tsunami donation site in response to this event. All donations will be used to fund our assessment and local recovery efforts.

If you’re interested in helping in other ways, please send inquiries to japan@hands.org.