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Nepal Earthquake Recovery Update

Kakaling Story | Thulo Pakhar, Nepal

| By AHV

Of the 567 schools that were situated in the region of Sindhupalchowk, 382 of these were either severely damaged or completely destroyed during the earthquake on 25th April, 2015. One of these schools was Kakaling, in Thulo Pakhar. With a good reputation near a busy high street this public school had an attendance of 500 pupils before the earthquake. Since however this has dropped by more than half.

Our local masons and our logistics coordinator are all a testament to the potential this school offers having gone through Kakaling from an early age themselves. And so our aim was to provide the school with the classrooms it needs in order to increase attendance and ensure that every child in this area is allowed one of their very basic human rights, an education.

For some families the lack of capacity in the school meant they took loans they can’t afford to pay back in order to send their children further away. For some of the students it might’ve meant leaving school early as so many here do, in order to work, to labor or make carpets, and send their families the money they need to rebuild. We want to ensure that every child in this area has the very best opportunity to learn in a well-respected school, with great teachers and great possibilities, and now with an incredible new learning environment.

In total, over 400 volunteers, 16 local staff, 11 international staff, and 20 masons worked on Kakaling school, completing the build in just 155 days.

 So many of us will never understand the implications of being involved in something so huge, but I’m sure each of us can provide testament to the importance of education.

Join us in celebrating this amazing gift to the Thulo Pakhar community as we officially hand over the new classrooms, and huge thank you to every single one of you who helped. If you donated, sifted sand, poured cement, laid bricks, organised materials, shoveled gravel, welded playgrounds, fundraised, cleaned toilets or anything else that helped us out – we couldn’t have done it without you!