Exciting news! We have merged with Happy Hearts Fund to become All Hands and Hearts!

Mexico Earthquake Recovery

On September 7, 2017, one of the most lethal earthquakes in Mexican history, an alarming 8.2 magnitude quake, shuddered near the southern state of Chiapas. Only 12 days later and a few hundred miles away, a 7.1 magnitude quake rocked central Mexico, toppling buildings, breaking gas mains, knocking out electricity and sparking fires across the city and other towns in central Mexico.

All Hands and Hearts has identified one of the hardest hit communities, the small village of El Jicarero, who lost their school and the opportunity to build a brighter future for their children through education. Now our team is on the ground and partnering with Happy Hearts Fund Mexico to reconstruct the Narciso Mendoza Primary school, which will include 6 new classrooms, water, sanitation and hygiene facilities and a computer lab, alongside landscaping and fencing for the school. The new classrooms will enable at 151 current students to go back to school and projected 400+ students over next 10 years. Upon completion, this will be our tenth disaster resilient school rebuilt in Mexico.