Peru Flood Response

Widespread flooding and severe rains in Peru began intensifying towards the beginning of February 2017; this lead to landslides, floods, flashfloods and mud flows in 24 of the 25 affected regions. An estimated 1.2M people have been impacted and 2457 schools damaged or destroyed. On 22 March, 2017, our immediate response team began assessing conditions in the Eastern region of Peru, and identified a great need for assistance in the town of Huarmey, where countless homes and schools were found to be filled with up to one meter of mud. At the request of Care Peru and other local entities, our immediate assistance was also required in the coordination of volunteers in the city of Piura, resulting in us taking a two-pronged approach in order to meet as much of the tremendous need as possible; managing the Volunteer Reception Center (VRC) in Piura while simultaneously helping children in Huarmey get back to school.